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Diabetes Management

Among the overlooked components of diabetes management is foot care or podiatry for diabetic people. Many diabetic people are completely unaware that their feet need special care. They are also unaware that they need to see a podiatrist if they start experiencing problems with their feet. 

High blood sugar levels tend to damage the nerve endings of various body parts including the feet. This is the reason sugar control is always part of diabetes management. Podiatry services also help diabetic people cope with their medical conditions. 

Peripheral neuropathy is the nerve damage that diabetes causes. Diabetes has an effect on the blood circulation in the body. Poor blood circulation slows down the healing process when one gets an injury. Complications related to diabetes can affect the feet or the joints by making them stiffer. Diabetic patients need specialised treatment for conditions such as heel pains and in-grown toe nails. 

podiatrist treatment with a scalpel

Diverse foot problems may arise when diabetic patients fail to get the proper foot care. These include amputation, Charcot's joints, foot infections, foot ulcers and damage to the foot.

As a specialised podiatry clinic, we have a team of podiatrists who work to prevent and manage foot complications in diabetic people. We also offer a wide range of foot care services and accept private clients and GP referrals. 

routine nail care

It is not wise to ignore a foot injury when one is diabetic. We understand that diabetic patients need the right care to help them cope with the life-threatening disease. When patients visits us, we usually take time to examine the condition they're in. After the examination, our skilled podiatrists adopt the most effective treatment measures aimed at improving the well-being of the diabetic individual. Part of the treatment involves a drug prescription for easing the pain that patients have. 

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