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Foot Pain Specialist Near Me

Are you looking for a Foot Pain Specialist in Colchester? We offer a toenail clinic and podiatry treatments in the Essex area.

Specialised Podiatry Treatments

Our team of 8 experienced and fully qualified podiatrists can carry out a variety of specialised treatments in our clinics. For routine appointments such as nail-cutting, you can make an appointment with one of our podiatry assistants. Please see below for the some examples of specialised podiatry treatments that we offer. If it is your first time visiting, please contact 01206 547097 to book an initial consultation.

Cryosurgery (for verrucas)

15 min

Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen should be prescribed by a healthcare professional. It should be given up to four treatments on an interval of a period of two to four weeks. For patient self-treatment with a 50% salicylic acid, medication should be taken daily up to a maximum of eight weeks.

Laser therapy (for verrucas)

15 min

You can always opt to allow your body to develop its natural defence mechanism against verrucas. However in the case that they start appearing ugly and start being painful and you are cautious about them spreading out, then you can use verrucas removal treatment. It is a safe treatment, efficient and quite painless procedure. 

Stiivii Vibration Therapy

15 min

For persons experiencing pain, effects of a stroke, muscle, nerve and joint conditions, Local vibration therapy is a non-invasive, effective and drug-free solution.

Biomechanical evaluation (BME)

30 min

The primary purpose of the Podiatrist is to identify if there is any hidden dysfunction underlying in the movement of the foot or/and lower limb which could be causing the symptoms.


30 min

Making moulded orthotics is a lot of intense work and requires highly skilled labour. To make it, the plaster bandage is placed around the foot and the ankle meanwhile as the plaster is set.

Biomechanical evaluation & Casting

60 min

This practice was introduced to enable immobilising of the joint around the affected area. The main aim was to align, control movement, correction of the anatomical position and relieve pain.

For a full list of our specliased podiatry treatments, please simply contact us via 01206 547097 or the form below. We can additionally conduct home visits tailored to your schedule and location. 

We require 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment. We operate a cancellation list, and can normally fill these appointments, given the opportunity. We will therefore generally make a charge for those appointments missed, without prior notice. Also, please remember to remove any nail varnish or toe rings, so that we can accurately assess the health of your toes and nails. 

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