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Podiatry Treatments

Podiatry treatments are treatments offered to people who have been diagnosed with abnormal conditions on the feet, and the lower limps area. Note that the procedures can be provided to prevent a particular feet disease as well. Trained doctors referred to as podiatrists offer the treatments. 

All of our treatments are carried out by fully qualified, experienced podiatrists in sterile, clinical settings. You do no necessarily need a GP referral to receive our services, however, for ongoing conditions you may be able to have treatments funded by the NHS. For more information regarding this please consult with your local GP.

We can carry out the following treatments podiatry treatments:

equipment to carry out podiatry treatment

Cryosurgery -A freezing therapy for warts, veruccae and skin tags
Orthotics and Insoles - For heel and arch pain, or for recurrent ball of the foot problems
Biomechanical Assessments - For the diagnosis of walking problems or gait imbalances
Therapeutic Ultrasound - For deep seated arch or heel pain
Diabetic Foot Assessments - To check your foot health if you are a known diabetic
Pathology Tests - For the analysis and determination of suspected fungal infections
Nail Surgery - For the removal, under local anaesthetic, of painful in-growing toenails
Laser Therapy - For the relief of foot pain, and as an aid in the treatment of veruccae
Injection Therapy - Steroid or local anaesthetic for painful foot conditions such as Morton's Neuroma
Dry Needling - For stubborn warts or veruccae

Injuries are quite common for people who are involved in various sports, and this is another field where podiatrists know about treating. The major parts that are injured during the games include the feet muscle tissues, joints, ankles, knees and also the bones. Therefore, if you are involved in any of the listed injuries, consider hiring podiatry to perform the right treatment including the required physiotherapy services. 

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